The Top 5 Design Ideas for your New Kitchen

July 19, 2018
Jamie Robinson

Ah, the kitchen.  One of the best rooms and most important rooms in the house to design…and then enjoy.  We spend so much time there, so if you’re looking at a brand new kitchen in your brand new house, or an overhaul of your existing kitchen.  Take a look at these five key ideas to consider:

Natural materials rule.

From flooring to countertops to cabinetry, surround yourself with natural materials, like stone, concrete or cork flooring, natural wood cabinetry and solid-surface countertops like marble or granite.  These materials will create a soothing and beautiful backdrop for your good times in your kitchen. Using natural materials also blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors and creates an easy flow for multiple living spaces.

Less is more.

Keep the design, lines and spaces classy and simple.  Your eye will thank you for it in years to come, as well as when you have to straighten up and clean.  Striving for clean lines and a clutter-free environment will go a long way to creating a beautiful space for prep, cooking, eating and entertaining.

Accessorizing is the thing.

It’s really fun to change out accessories and artwork periodically, as the seasons change, or just for an update.  Add more plants, greenery and flowers in the spring and summer in artwork and kitchen towels, and transition to the cooler colors in fall and winter.

Design away.

With a brand new kitchen or kitchen renovation, go ahead and create the floor plan you really want.  One of the top things to consider is an island to create a focal point for activity and a great gathering place as well as much-needed counter space and a casual eating spot.

Don’t forget the backsplash.

That space behind the sink and underneath the cabinets will really start to pop with appeal when you add a beautiful backsplash of slate, bead board or tile.  There are so many combos, colors and styles to choose from, so spend your time well before you just close your eyes and point.  It will be beautiful!