Planting Deeper Roots in Franklin

September 1, 2016

We have gushed and gushed over our Everbright homes and their amazing location. Now we want to dedicate a whole blog post to the Bit of Earth Community Garden located right next to our Everbright homes! This place is the perfect oasis to get in touch with nature and revert back to a simpler era.

Bit of Earth Community Garden
Started by residents in the community, this lovely garden merges all ages, walks of life, and experiences. There are young families teaching their children the ways of gardening right next to some serious green-thumb experts! This wonderful community garden gives residents 6 plants, unlimited seeds, and access to water for only $35 a year! They are continuing to grow (pun intended!) their plots to accommodate more community members because it has become so popular and is a great way for the neighborhood to come together.

Bit of Earth 7

Bit of Earth 6
There is truly something special about growing your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and plants right next to your neighbor. It takes us back to the good-ole-days when communities came together to work on projects or just to socialize. The Bit of Earth Community Garden is the sprinkles on our cupcake for our Everbright homes! We are so proud to have placed these amazing homes in a neighborhood that holds onto the lifestyle of yesteryear and the true sense of community.

exterior 13

Bit of Earth 10
To learn more about our Everbright homes go to our website at:
And to learn more about the Bit of Earth Community Garden and their mission for the neighborhood go to their website at:



By: Sarah C. Spadavecchia - August 26, 2016