Keeping it Simple: Top 4 Things to Think About When Building a New Home

August 1, 2018
Jamie Robinson

Does building a new home get you excited or send you into an overwhelmed state?  We believe building a new home can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of a lifetime, and that’s our goal with every single client we work with. Here are a few tips to help slow your pulse and make the whole process one to enjoy:

Pick a builder.

This is the most important step you’re going to take, because the right builder (or the wrong one!) drives the whole experience and the result.  Use just as much care in selecting your builder as you use in selecting your floor plan and community.  There is nothing more important than finding a reputable builder who will build you a quality home.  When considering builders, ask for references and talk with homeowners who have had homes built by the companies you’re considering.

Determine your budget. 

The degree of home you’ll receive for the dollars you invest varies due to many, many factors, including location, lot, layout, labor and the cost of materials. For example, a house built on a slope might be more expensive to build than one on level ground.  Determining your budget before you even think about any other parts of the process will help you keep your costs at a manageable level and understand where your money will be going.

Identify your priorities. 

 What’s most important to you—the kitchen, bathrooms or outdoor spaces?  Number of bedrooms or living spaces?  Garage space or home office?  Make a list of everything that you “must have” and start calculate the potential costs.  Identify your trade-offs.  When you’re developing your budget, don’t forget to factor in outdoor features, like landscaping, a pool, outdoor living room and water features.

 Choose a floor plan.

Are you considering a custom floor plan or an existing one?  Existing plans are less expensive and can be delivered more quickly if you’re looking at a specific time frame. You’ll finalize the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and any unique features, so start thinking about whether you want all bedrooms upstairs or not, how you see your kitchen and living spaces configured and what works for your family outdoors.

We’d love to help you and be your building partner.  Legend Homes brings our proven processes of exceptional design, meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality craftsmanship to every home we build. Because building a home can be stressful, we’re dedicated to removing as much of that stress as is possible.  For us, creating a positive experience when building a home is as important as the home itself.  We’re deeply committed to client satisfaction, meaning we want you to be happy every single step of the way.

We have highly organized construction and communication systems in place to ensure your new home’s building process will run smoothly from start to finish. What really matters to us is that you are happy with your home, both as we’re building it and once you’ve moved in.  Please contact us—we’d love to sit down with you and talk.