Four Considerations for Outdoor Living in Your New Luxury Home

June 14, 2018
Jamie Robinson

One of the best things about living in a soft Southern climate like we have in middle Tennessee is spending lots of time outside, nearly year round. Today’s homes put a lot of focus on outdoor spaces that extend the inside square footage to the outdoors for family time, entertaining or simply enjoying the sunshine.

When you’re thinking about outdoor spaces you’d like to create with your new home design, look at creating pockets of space for outdoor living that make the most of your home, your view and meet the needs of your family. Kitchens, fireplaces, pool areas, bars and outdoor seating top the wish lists of many new homeowners.  Including beautiful outdoor spaces not only adds to your home’s enjoyment, it can become like having a whole extra house.

Think about the design of your outdoor space just like you think about the design of your inside space, with layout, finishes and orientation key considerations.  Here are four keys to creating beautiful outdoor spaces in your new custom home:


The design you choose for your outdoor living space needs to coordinate with the character of your new home. We’ll help you think through the design, landscaping and hardscaping to create a seamless blend between inside and outside

Outdoor Fabrics

There are so many new fabrics today that are fade-resistant, waterproof and available in a wide range of colors and patterns, from bold to artistic. You can carry your home’s interior design focus outdoors easily with the right fabrics for the spaces.

Tech Outside

Tech outside your home is a must, from outdoor home theaters to music and games and connections with friends remotely all from the comfort of your pool or lounge chair. Plus, there is a whole range of solar products on the market to save energy.

A place for all of you

We want to be sure your outdoor living space works for everyone in your household. How your family will use the space? Do you need active play space? Space for pets? A garden for fresh tomatoes and herbs? Consider the short- and long-term needs of the household and we’ll help develop a comprehensive design that meets those needs.  Push yourself to do something different. Working with us, we’ll bring fresh new ideas to the table and function as your partner from start to finish.

If you are ready to start building your dream space, contact us today!