You want a beautiful custom home. You want exceptional design, meticulous attention to detail, and the highest quality craftsmanship. You want both luxury and livability. At Legend Homes, those are things we guarantee.

But there is so much more to who we are and what we do. For us, creating a positive experience when building a home is as important as the home itself.  We are deeply committed to client satisfaction, meaning we want you to be happy every single step of the way.

At Legend Homes, we listen to our clients, anticipate their needs, and deliver on our promises. How? Because we have highly organized construction and communication systems in place to ensure that our projects run smoothly from start to finish. And, because we have a culture of caring. What matters to us is that you are happy with your home, both as we are building it and once you have moved in.

Our Mission

As a custom home builder, our mission at Legend Homes is to provide the highest standards of excellence in home design, craftsmanship, and client
satisfaction. We know that to be a legend is to achieve on a level of greatness that far exceeds the competition. Our reputation as the premier luxury home builder in Middle Tennessee rests not only on our extensive experience but on our commitment to effective communication and conscientious decision-making throughout every step of the process.


Doug Herman

“Over the years, I have realized that my most priceless resource is my clients. Actively listening to them and valuing their ideas has made me a smarter builder. Our primary goal with new clients is to earn their trust and exceed their expectations.”

As Founder and President, Doug Herman brings over 30 years of experience in home building to the company. Doug got his start as a project/quality assurance manager before going on to work as a vice president of construction in Nashville and Atlanta and ultimately opening his own firm, Legend Homes, in 2005. That early education in quality assurance and attention to detail continues to inform Doug’s work and secure his reputation as a master builder. In addition to his extensive experience, Doug has the personal qualities necessary to lead a company and consistently earn both client trust and confidence. Known for his integrity and his composure, Doug not only prioritizes communication and customer care himself, he has formed a team of professionals—from architects to sub-contractors to vendors—who share his same ideals. Doug’s dedication to excellence is the basis for the company’s success.

Andy Ferguson
Vice President

“This business is about building relationships as well as homes. Knowing our clients personally so that we can anticipate their needs and prevent potential problems is crucial for us. More than just partnerships, the friendships we form with our clients last long after the home is completed.”

With a background in project management, land development and real estate, Vice President Andy Ferguson, brings a wealth of diverse experience to Legend Homes. From his 15 years in the industry, Andy has learned the value of a systematic organized approach to building and the value of effective ongoing communication. Passionate and friendly, Andy builds lasting client relationships by staying one step ahead of his clients’ needs and by paying attention to every detail of the building process. A licensed Tennessee contractor, an affiliate real estate broker, and a board member of the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee, Andy is well positioned to build the very best homes in Middle Tennessee.

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