7 Home Design Trends that Everyone’s Buzzing About, Plus One Surprise Trend

August 10, 2018
Jamie Robinson

When you’re designing your new home, or updating your existing home, it’s good to take the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not.  Color, lighting, furniture, fixtures, patterns and prints…all of these design elements end up making your house your home.

Local and real:  Trends are still with finding what’s natural, and what’s right outside your back door.  Frequent local shops to see what they’re showing in terms of wall décor, furniture pieces and funky lighting.  Fresh, natural materials are still in style, including stone, copper, concrete and granite, to add weight and style.

Textures:  Surprisingly, velvet has made a comeback in furnishings.  It’s considered funky and luxurious now, especially on lounging pieces like sofas and chairs.

Florals and Patterns:  Be on the lookout for fabrics and wallpapers that have exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors in florals and patterns.  Use for great accents in multiple rooms.

Elements:  Copper has gained ground, edging out rose gold in terms of accent hues.  Plus, the focus on copper gives you a chance to introduce metallic touches into your home.  And, we’re starting to welcome back brass, after years of focus on stainless steel and polished nickel, but don’t be afraid to mix metals either, that’s okay now.

Color:  Bolder is better, especially with strong reds and pinks, bold yellows and natural greens.  Timeless combos like black and white are still in style, giving that sense of balance to your home.  It’s still a good thing to introduce something black in every room.

Flooring:  Concrete is still a strong leader for not only flooring but countertops.  Plus, take a look at geometric concrete tiles for another choice. Another interesting trend is layering multiple rugs adjacent to each other, and choosing bright colors and patterns in the same spaces.

Bathrooms:  The farmhouse-inspired bucket sinks are still popular and add that feel of nostalgia to baths and kitchens.

Surprise Trend—Purse-changing stations in closets:  This may be a surprising trend, but one that makes sense with the strong fashion focus on purses.  Women everywhere have large collections of handbags, so it only stands to reason that a place to change out those purses (often more than once a day) becomes a factor in homes.

At Legend Homes, we can help you think through design decisions like these.  In fact, we’d love to your building partner.  Let’s sit down together and allow us to bring our proven processes of exceptional design, meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality craftsmanship to a thorough conversation.  We can share with you what’s worked and what pitfalls to avoid.

We believe creating a positive experience when building a home is as important as the home itself.  We’re deeply committed to your satisfaction, meaning we want you to be happy every single step of the way.